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Show, don’t tell

If you want to attract premium clients, selling won’t work. You have to show why someone should buy from you.

Sure, a high-end customer might be ready to pay, and they may want to commit long-term. Why? Because they trust you. They’ve watched you regularly show up and prove that what you say and do align.

Want better clients? Consistently demonstrate you’re worth investing in.

crop man getting dollars from wallet

When your product is “FREE,” is it worth it?

Price isn’t simply an amount, it’s a representation. This is how good we are, this is why you should trust us, this is the commitment, this is the value you’ll receive.

Yes, FREE can help solidify a brand and attract customers. Maybe it can make selling easier. But unless you’re using “free” to establish consistent revenue, is it worth it?

When you circumnavigate hassle with a free label, you might sacrifice perception in return.

Free could just be an easy way out.

The business of attraction

Chemistry is frequently considered in terms of human relationships, yet brands and businesses must also evaluate the chemistry they bring to their offerings.

Similar to personal relationships, initial sparks of excitement intensify interactions between business and consumer. From completed projects to the seal of a sale, emotion is embedded into business transactions. Skipping hearts and genuine smiles aren’t just for new loves; chemistry influences buying behavior.

How can brands weave chemistry into business?

As certain people are more open to the thrills of chemistry — those who are self-aware, thoughtful and personable — brands exhibiting similar traits can benefit from mindful demeanors.


Curiosity is how connection begins. When a business showcases what a client needs (or wants), the foundation for a relationship is set. To move prospects through the complete client journey, brands can plan for pleasant experiences to increase attraction and compel customers to engage in subsequent encounters.


Clear communication builds trust and rapport between entities. Communication is key for both business and relational development, ushering in assurance and confidence into business dealings. When communication is straightforward, expectations are fixed and boundaries for deliverables become reliable and well-defined.


People and brands who present genuine, authentic traits are more likely to be perceived as considerate and understanding. Trust and loyalty hold weight in business circles, and positive dispositions enhance brands, attracting customers and keeping them returning for more.


To be desired and perceived as desirable is something individuals and companies strive for. The most successful companies understand the value of appeal: They take time crafting beautiful products and experiences through careful branding and strategy.


Values represent what you, or your company, stand for; they define why we do what we do. Businesses who match or try to amplify the values of their customers have an easier time setting long-term streams for revenue and profit.

What other traits contribute to brand chemistry? Tweet me @redheadlefthand.

Is it possible to connect meaningfully online?

Yes. But it takes intention and effort.

The digital world requires a bit more finesse than in-person events. Many of us grew up in front of screens —- televisions, cinemas halls, Ninentedos, and Game Boys. These same screens paved the way for productivity tools, redefining our lives and the ways in which we schedule, communicate, and do business. Now, laptops and cellphones are within easy reach from sunup ‘til sundown.

However, “the way we do things” is once again evolving, and we have the choice to embrace or reject these changes. So whether you’re trying to organize a meeting, host a conference, teach a class, or build a relationship, there are four elements to consider when connecting from afar:


Online activities work best when people engage. Think of the lecture hall in which a student hides in the back row. Now recall a class in which the teacher prompted students with questions and lively discussion. Which scenario fosters learning?

Though direct participation may not be required by a host or organizer, you are guaranteed to get more out of the experience by taking responsibility for yourself: Turn on your camera, type in the chat box, follow up with an email, do your own research on the topic at hand.

If you’re participating, look for ways to get active.

If you’re organizing, look for ways to engage others. 

Nothing will work unless you do.

Maya Angelou


If you’re responsible for planning an online seminar or teaching a virtual class, remember: We want to be entertained if we’re watching something. And if we’re watching something, we want to feel. That feeling might be surprise or intrigue, curiosity or delight, disgust or repulsion, but we must feel something to be interested.

A traditional lecture won’t cut it. 

Incorporate images, videos, sounds, and unexpected elements to spark engagement and hold interest. Themes and pop culture references can surprise and delight attendees; end your meeting with a song or insert a relevant story into your presentation.


The greatest gift of online activities: The ability to network and share. 

Exchange opinions, ask for resources, find ways to trade thoughts, and start online conversations with others. While you can stick to more traditional chat forums and send emails, you can also get creative: Write a turn-by-turn story with a friend, watch a movie separately before sharing opinions, create a music playlist together.

Collaboration can become a tremendous pool of inspiration and insight. With a bit of creativity, options are endless.

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.

Hazrat Inavat Khan


As an organizer, intentionally decide upon the set outcomes of your online happenings. Then make a plan. Choose whether recurring events or one-off structures will best suit your goals. Schedule the meeting in advance, or jolt an eager audience with unannounced events.

Next, consider how you’ll present to participants. The way in which you communicate establishes rapport and sets clear boundaries, establishing a framework for what will take place. Audio-only arrangements create different spaces than those with video elements. Participatory tasks with light structure can be the right amount of encouragement participants need to stay interested.

Thoughtfulness guides the most worthwhile experiences and helps provide foundations for creativity to blossom.

Meaningful content is grounded in intention.

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