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Take twenty

Twenty minutes to pause.

Twenty minutes to breathe.

To be grateful.

To write.

To read.

To consume.

To move.

To reflect.

To listen.

To work.

To grieve.

To focus.

To savor.

To feel.

To love.

To connect.

To watch.

To rest.

Twenty minutes can make the unmanageable manageable, the forgotten remembered, and the overwhelming more digestible.

You can do anything for twenty minutes. Use it as your weapon.

Give thanks

The ability to show and express gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another. Gratitude is a powerful tool, one that can shift perspectives and brighten a dreary worldview in an instant.
A dear friend in Nepal once told me, “It is always possible to look up and see who is above you. People driving cars. The airplanes. My father said we have to also look down. There is someone wanting what you have.”
Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite celebrations for that reason: The gift of reflection, of simple joys, of quiet thanks shared with friends and loved ones.
To search for blessings during the toughest moments requires diligence and responsibility but also practice. Today’s a great day to start.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Want to have meaningful conversations at your Thanksgiving dinner table but not sure where to begin? Check out Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader.

How do you want to be known?

A lot of people are searching.

We’re questioning the ways things are done and how they are run, the notion of work, the ways in which we live, and the relationships we invest our time in.

We’re actively searching for meaning, for what makes us happy and how we can have an impact — whether helping ourselves or helping others.

No matter where you are along this journey, I’d like to encourage you to “check in” every so often, to make sure your daily decisions are contributing to a life of joy and generosity.

Actively work to create moments and accomplishments you’re proud of, regardless of fame or fortune. Because in the end, your essence and your passion is how people will remember you.

What you leave behind matters most.

Modified from original post found here.

Guilt is worthless (mostly)

Guilt can be split into two faces: The kind that is paralyzing and negative, a harmful state that serves nothing and no one; and the kind that can help you fix what is broken.
The first kind, for obvious reasons, is worthless. This kind of guilt will trick you into thinking you are worthless. It robs you of your most present and precious moments and kills your confidence.
The second kind, however, can be a gift. This one can push you into unexpected growth. Instead of living in shame, this guilt prompts action. It can apologize for wrongdoings and set wheels into motion. New behaviors, evolved patterns, inspired creative projects.
Don’t fall victim to the first kind. If you find yourself wallowing in that direction, force yourself to turn the corner and see what good can come out of a tricky emotional experience.

Time to rest

With expectations from work and family, one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is deciding when to push and when to rest.

Drawing lines and setting boundaries can be difficult with so many demands, yet rest can be an asset to your schedule and goals, providing the inspiration and stamina needed to finish tough projects and tackle new challenges.

Rest days aren’t just for athletes. Pay close attention to your mind and emotional states throughout the day. Aside from feeling tired or sluggish, your body will tell you when it is craving extra TLC.

Any time you create for rejuvenation and relaxation will come back to you tenfold. Your body and mind will thank you, and your work and relationships will benefit from the added spark you bring back with you. Enjoy.

The risk of vulnerability

Vulnerability is associated with weakness and inferiority, yet exposing your true self requires strength and conviction.

The future is uncertain, and there’s no telling how events will pan out.

Find the courage to live your best life — truly, freely, authentically.