52 ways to connect

  1. Make a phone call.
  2. Send flowers.
  3. Write a note.
  4. Return an email.
  5. Volunteer with a local organization.
  6. Donate books.
  7. Host a garage sale.
  8. Share a hug.
  9. Cook dinner for friends.
  10. Surprise an older relative.
  11. Join a club.
  12. Listen to a motivational podcast.
  13. Take a walk in nature.
  14. Smile to a stranger.
  15. Use first names in meetings.
  16. Start a book club.
  17. Enroll in a class.
  18. Visit a local market.
  19. Praise good service.
  20. Meet a friend for coffee.
  21. Ask questions.
  22. Say hello.
  23. Walk a dog.
  24. Follow a YouTube yoga video.
  25. Skype a long-distance friend or family member.
  26. Create a music playlist.
  27. Attend an event by yourself.
  28. Make eye contact.
  29. Say thank you.
  30. Write a recommendation.
  31. Visit an art gallery.
  32. Reply to an ignored or forgotten message.
  33. Go to a sporting event.
  34. Pretend you’re a tourist in your home city.
  35. Run a race.
  36. Support your local museum.
  37. Use public transportation.
  38. Plan a picnic with friends.
  39. Start a blog.
  40. Take photographs.
  41. Participate in an online course.
  42. Message someone whose work you admire.
  43. Research community efforts in your area: CSAs, food swaps, community gardens, library projects.
  44. Visit a National Park.
  45. Plan a date night.
  46. Go on a morning walk with a friend.
  47. Surprise someone with a gift.
  48. Make a thoughtful introduction.
  49. Bake something for your neighbor.
  50. Pack lunch for a colleague.
  51. Compliment genuinely.
  52. Write a list of 20 things you are thankful for.