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Practice not perfect

Showing up requires a level of greatness.

You may not want to, you may be busy, you may tell yourself you’re not capable — but your effort, your trying, your beginning


That’s where the magic happens.

It’s not the perfection. It’s not even the win.

What do you gain in the doing? How do you grow along the way?

23 times to say “Yes”

  1. will you forgive me
  2. can you help
  3. will you listen
  4. will you share your view
  5. will you try
  6. can you do me a favor
  7. will you show up
  8. can you do better
  9. can you learn this 
  10. will you speak your truth
  11. can you donate your time
  12. will you respect yourself
  13. could this work
  14. am I good enough
  15. will I regret this
  16. unexpected connections
  17. opportunity — even when it seems scary/hard
  18. new experiences
  19. teaching moments 
  20. stepping outside your comfort zone
  21. each morning
  22. every day
  23. this moment

Mindset makes the difference

Abundance and scarcity doesn’t simply refer to money; it’s a way of life.

Whether you view options as limited or limitless will determine what opportunities come your way, the quality of your relationships, your daily mood, and your chances of success.

An abundant mindset sends people out into the world generously. These are the most connected people you meet, the ones who take wins and professional setbacks in stride.

Those with a scarcity mentality see breakups and career blunders as devastating blows. The soul mate who got away. The Big Chance that will never happen again.

An abundant mind recognizes there are many potential paths and options for love and happiness.

There’s always another chance.

Letting go: A skill

Most people hold onto relationships or situations longer than necessary. Stability is appealing, and change is hard. Loyalty has the potential to be faulty, however, and should be reserved for situations that show promise and potential. Even reciprocity.

We have limited energy to share. Learning to discard situations and environments with insight and discretion is a necessary skill. Maintaining energetic ties with people who are rude, mean, or unkind serves nothing and no one.

Releasing stale, stagnant people and places welcomes more power, more magic, more energy, and more love into your life. Though difficult, it is never too late to recognize and change behavior patterns.

That which you focus on is what will expand.

Add magic

Instead of focusing on what is wrong or needs to change in your life, add something. Look for ways to fill your life with magic.

Once a day, once a week, even once a month, incorporate something that inspires you: A song that brings you joy. A place with fond memories. Fifteen minutes sitting on a bench in the park. Dancing.

Get intentional about this. Instead of waiting for a miracle to happen to you, create one for yourself. Fill your space with candles or flowers. Take a class. Wander aimlessly through a bookstore. Play. Sit in the sun. Find a new restaurant.

When you actively build excitement into daily living, work becomes more productive, relationships become more fulfilling, and life becomes brighter.

I wish for you magic, today and always.