5 tips necessary to sell any product or service

The ability to sell is a skill necessary in most organizations. From healthcare to advertising, the ability to communicate your worth or the value of your services is essential to close any deal. But there is more to good salespeople than the ability to spin words.

  1. Don’t take rejection personally.

You will hear “no.” Keep going anyway. Selling takes time. Act professional throughout the process; when you’re on fire and can’t seem to lose, act professional. When you can’t seem to sell anything and can’t seem to win, act professional. Stack odds in your favor for a later time.

  1. Play the long game.

Focus on the results that you want, not on any one specific activity. Check in with yourself regularly to make sure your daily decisions are setting you up to achieve your business and sales goals. Keep a record book: Track the emails you send, who you speak to, and when you have promised to call.

  1. Lead with honesty.

Be a real person. Get to know your clients and customers. Ask questions. Do research. Only after you have gotten to know the person sitting across from you can you tailor your messages and sales pitch accordingly. Stories have power, but only if they are relevant.

  1. Go above and beyond.

Under promise, over deliver. Look for ways to provide extra service or care. Small, thoughtful actions reassure customers that they have made the right choice. Demonstrate your appreciation with a short note or useful gift.

  1. Take care.

Selling is often more about you than it is about your customer. Life isn’t only work; take care of your health and your mental state so you can shine from the inside out. People are attracted to kind, nice people. Be one of those people.

You are the foundation for your sales success. Take responsibility for it.

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