Your daily five

Five minutes. Five minutes in the park or walking around the block.

Five minutes to remind you that YOU are the most important item on your to-do list.

A five minute reward. Linger over your morning coffee, stop into the bakery, or visit the farmer’s market on your way home. Play an at-home yoga video, light a candle, write in your journal, or sit quietly. Five minutes refueling your mind and energizing your body.

Five minutes. Time to pause and reflect when everything around you is swirling and mad. A daily commitment that honors your self worth. Dedication to yourself and your growth as a human being. A reminder that your home is where you are and that your inner world reflects onto that which is around you.

Five minutes.

A ritual that helps you be more fully present and energetic for those around you. Five minutes to inspire and motivate you to continue to create and give and dream. A reward.

Just five minutes.