Creating opportunities

Today I have the good fortune of finding myself in the heart of New York City, surrounded by folks who are making their biggest dreams happen. I’m looking at a room of individuals who refuse to accept complacency, who want to embrace the revolutionary times we’re living in.
These people are risk-takers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, researchers, bosses, and creative weavers. They are here because they want to understand where their biggest opportunities are, and they want to figure out what to do about them.
Seth Godin is leading the charge. And he’s encouraging us to pick ourselves and make a dent in the connection economy.
It’s no accident I’m here.
There’s something to be said for making decisions that allow you to place yourself in environments that support your work and your dreams, for seeking out others who encourage you to keep going, and for putting yourself in the game.
It takes concentrated effort, some sacrifice, and the ability to imagine — to ask yourself what if, to wander away from the beaten path, to dare yourself to explore, and to schedule time into your days to chase opportunity.
It is absolutely possible. And you must.
The best moments rarely come to you. They are the result of channeled energy, thought, patience, and effort.
Please, please look to create the opportunities you want.
Possibility surrounds you. Make the choice to embrace it.