Tips for mindful giving

The holiday season brings wonderful reminders that it is often better to give than to receive. Whether volunteering at a local organization, donating goods, or writing checks to support specific projects, giving feels good.

Maximize your resources while looking for ways to contribute meaningfully within your communities. Small organizations can be overwhelmed this time of year, so ask a few questions to find out how you can best be of service.

What causes are important to me?

With so many fundraisers and worthy social groups, it can be difficult to know where to give. Consider your personal values and the issues you are most passionate about. You may know someone working closely with an organization or can receive referrals from friends.

Who can I connect?

One of the best ways you can support an organization is through your network. Look for ways to draw parallels between your colleagues and the goals of a particular organization. Valuable introductions are like gold.

What work is needed?

Small organizations often need help with administrative tasks — website design, donor management, marketing materials. On the ground opportunities may provide more Instagram-worthy photo ops, but helping staff inside the office may be more valuable to the team.

What goals can I support?

Most organizations have short-term and long-term visions and may need help with a project you’re not fully aware of. Don’t be afraid to ask what objectives you can encourage, regardless of whether results are immediate.

Your thoughtfulness is valuable and so very needed!