Michelle uses the skills of a sociologist, the training of a psychologist and the social gifts of a conversationalist to connect people to one another. She has an unmatched ability to draw people out, to listen, and to connect the dots in ways that inspire big ideas and innovative thinking.

Guy Raz, NPR

"Being the organizer behind 300 events in one city over the course of a week takes a finesse few can muster. But she did it with grace, humor, and managed to endear those around her to the task."

Nicky Yates, Crowdcentric


Topics: projects with impact, entrepreneurship, connection, networking, fundraising, education and leadership, community building, mindful giving

Writing: Medium, Fast Company, Exposure, Nepali Blogger, Pollination Project, Elephant Journal, Social Media Week

Research: National Geographic and the Power of Media, Women’s Body Satisfaction and Exercise Motivation, Nepali Students’ Perceptions on Study Abroad and Higher Education

Speaking: Nepali Literary Society and Skovde Business Week

Michelle at Helen Mills by Parris Whittingham


Event Production and Management: Seth Godin’s NYC conferenceimpresario workshop2-day seminarconnection dinnersSocial Media Week

Networking: Urban Girl SquadProject Exponential and Summit

Fundraising: Everest Base Camp, solar project, first field trip

Community Building: Learning House and Khata Life

Freelance Writing: Upwork, Interbrand, Discover Outdoors, Urban Girls Squad

…She not only thinks about world issues, she does something about them.

Carole Deletiner, FIT

"Her creative prowess, natural collaborative tendencies, and attention to detail made her an asset to the team."

T. Jason Brown, Interbrand