Michelle has the ability to unveil directions that you had never thought of before. Her simple advice was monumental in some of my ventures. Additionally, if she offers to connect you with someone that could help, then you can expect to meet someone phenomenal.

Meagan Nowacoski, Contrib(YOU)tion Experiment

Michelle uses the skills of a sociologist, the training of a psychologist and the social gifts of a conversationalist to connect people to one another. She has an unmatched ability to draw people out, to listen, and to connect the dots in ways that inspire big ideas and innovative thinking.

Guy Raz, NPR


Topics: launching projects with impact, entrepreneurship, connection and networking, finding your passion, fundraising, nonprofits, travel 

Read a transcript from my talk at the Nepali Literary Society here or watch my talk at Skovde Business Week.


Seth Godin – NYC conferenceimpresario workshop2-day seminarconnection dinnersNetworking events – Urban Girl SquadSocial Media Week, Project ExponentialSummit; Travel initiatives – Discover Outdoors, Everest Base Camp Fundraiser; Leadership and education – Khata Lifesolar project, first field trip, Learning House

Download some of my photography, writing, and references.

"Being the organizer behind 300 events in one city over the course of a week takes a finesse few can muster. But she did it with grace, humor, and managed to endear those around her to the task."

Nicky Yates, Crowdcentric

…She not only thinks about world issues, she does something about them.

Carole Deletiner, FIT



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