Writing and branding

I work with a limited number of clients to target audiences and communicate authentically.
Find me on Upwork.

Teacher and Speaker

I conduct regular classes and seminars and can be contacted for engagements.

Michelle at Helen Mills by Parris Whittingham

Event management & production

Tailoring environments to match the interests and needs of her clients, Michelle produces events focused on relationship building and collaboration.

Travel blogging

I have helped adventure companies refine their business strategy and market captivating experiences. Read some of my travel writing on Medium and Inside Himalayas.

Learning and leadership

Since 2013, I have looked to mindfully contribute to education and leadership initiatives in Nepal. Read about my projects

Coaching and presentations

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, business owners, and teams to help catalyze progress and facilitate change.
If you’re looking for one-on-one support or want me to speak to your audience, send me a note.
Sample topics: discovering your passion / starting projects with impact / investing mindfully / living adventurously / entrepreneurship / career change / connection and networking / team dynamics and company culture / HR and recruitment considerations / fundraising, CSR, and nonprofits

Networking dinners - NYC

My events have been profiled by the NY Times and attended by artists, investors, entrepreneurs, and social do-gooders. Learn how it works.

Academic research

Read my research on the power of media or study abroad trends.

Free ebook on adventure & discovery

I put together a free ebook on adventure, taking risks, and living bravely. View it here.