Who has changed your life?

A LMSW-turned-entrepreneur, I promote empathy, authenticity and equality. I believe the best businesses are natural extensions of community.

Someone can change your life, if you let them.


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Crowdfunding success: an educational tour

Fundraising goal met and exceeded to organize a two-day field trip for the students of Matepani.

Dreams worth having: HuffPost Impact

The Matepani solar project receives recognition on Huffington Post’s This Week in Daily Giving.

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How I screwed up (anxieties of an entrepreneur)

The following is taken from an interview with Jahan Mantin. For the original article, click here. In the beginning I didn’t have my story straight. I knew there was value in getting certain people into a room to share and learn from each other, but I didn’t know how to articulate it. In my mind, the […]