The $12,392,786.00 blog post

I have had the good fortune of meeting, counseling, and sitting in business seminars with intelligent, driven, successful individuals — and they just want to become better. Industries range from music to publishing, finance to social good, art to real estate. Age, life experience, and stage of life vary; students, fathers, midlife, C-level, nearing retirement, starting up.
Despite a plethora of variables, I’ve noticed a few themes that come up again and again. In fact, they repeat themselves so frequently I wish I could bottle them for distribution, sending them around the world to inspire people to do more and dream big.
I’m sharing them here in hopes they resonate with you.
Why $12,392,786.00? Because I believe if you act, the following nuggets will add value to your work and life. And if you’re really diligent, you’ll see benefits worth even more.
We get in our own way. Believe it, accept it, move forward.
Be willing to listen — to the point someone could convince you to throw your idea out the window or drastically change it.
Don’t wait. Do it now.
No one is going to give you permission.
You have a choice. Don’t be seduced into thinking otherwise.
Relationships are important. The “unexpected ones” often prove to be the most valuable.
Milk the in-between spaces. In-between jobs, appointments, calls, relationships, events, ideas. They hold more potential than you think.
There are an infinite choices. Pick one. If it fails, there will be another.
No decision is irreversible.
Question. Ask lots of them.
Who (or what) can you connect? Everyone can bridge two people, two ideas, two companies. And it will multiply.
Stop trying to sell to people you don’t know. Start with the people you do.
Be vulnerable. Connect, reach out. People cherish authenticity.
What are you really saying? Get honest with yourself and with your audience. Cut the crap and get real.
Don’t assume. You never know whose talents can help you and how.
Set dates otherwise you’ll never get it done.
Pick up that pen, make that call, stop waiting to begin.
There is no perfect.