24 ways to hit reset

1. Take a walk around the block.
2. Sit in the park.
3. Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to finish.
4. Play a favorite song.
5. Google photos of your next vacation spot.
6. Find a new route home.
7. Order take out.
8. Have lunch at a nearby hotel.
9. Surprise a friend.
10. Buy flowers.
11. Color with markers.
12. Set an alarm for a twenty minute nap.
13. Chug water.
14. Schedule a massage.
15. Follow an online yoga class.
16. Play with your dog (or your friend’s dog).
17. Don’t go into work — and don’t feel guilty about it.
18. Dance in your living room.
19. Wear something fancy.
20. Netflix.
21. Download a new podcast.
22. Reach out to an old friend.
23. Write a thank you note.
24. Plan a “staycation.”