7 ways to make sure your next meeting is not terrible

1. Get curious
Gather input and collect information from your team before the meeting is scheduled. What are employees struggling with? What would help them reach their goals?

2. Turn it into a competition
Split attendees into teams. Award points and reward initiative. You can keep a running tally from month to month and provide incentives for top scores.

3. Actively participate
Be prepared to present your own views and concerns instead of sitting passively in the corner. Listen carefully and think through problems.

4. Add music
Play a song in the beginning of the meeting when attendees find their seats. Turn tunes back on at the end of the meeting and allow time for socializing.

5. Design a seating chart
Placing name tags on seats can help encourage cross-collaboration among teams and introduce executives from different departments.

6. Vary presentation styles
Mix up powerpoint, video clips, role play and dialogue. With so many online resources available, supplement your biggest points with inspiring talks from other speakers.

7. Set due dates
Follow up with your team and ask for feedback about meetings. Discuss what is going well and what needs improvement.

8. Choose a theme
Designating a central theme can intrigue attendees and keep meetings focused and on point.