Communication breakdowns

Lines have been crossed. There is an argument, a heated misunderstanding. A partner feels neglected, a potential client goes elsewhere for work. Feelings are hurt.

What do you do?

You have choices.

A. Walk away.

Ignore it. Move on to other tasks and focus your attention elsewhere.

B. Work it out.

Pause to listen and understand the problem. Identify and evaluate the root of the disagreement. Establish a platform for all parties to express ideas, input, grievances, or dissent.

C. Find the lesson.

Look for ways to improve communication so similar misunderstandings can be avoided.

Clear, open communication creates pathways for work to be accomplished, for goals to be reached, and for relationships to be strengthened. With communication breakdowns, issues quickly exacerbate.

Communication is a skill that can be practiced and developed over time. Moments of conflict provide opportunities for teaching, learning, and growth.