The difference between an amateur and a professional

An amateur hopes a goal will happen. The professional sets a goal then works backwards.

An amateur cuts with words. Professionals look for ways to raise their own game while lifting others alongside them.

An amateur relies on hope. The professional acts and demonstrates results.

The amateur seeks attention. The professional graciously accepts accolades, then continues to focus on the work.

An amateur always plays victim. The professional acknowledges missteps and learns from mistakes.

Amateurs operate from a scarcity mentality. Professionals are generous.

An amateur puts in a little work and expects instant results. The professional plays the long game, day in and day out, sometimes without pay, knowing that rewards will come.

An amateur is impatient, reactive, and compulsive. Professionals ground themselves, reflect, and listen.

Amateurs alienate themselves. True professionals know the value and importance of relationships.

An amateur speaks of people. The professional would rather work, plan, dream, and create.

Amateurs fail to set boundaries and struggle to ask for their worth. Professionals are kind, but firm, and aren’t afraid to ask for what they need.

An amateur rarely has routine. Professionals schedule days with intention.

To learn more about becoming a professional, I recommend Steven Pressfield’s Turning Pro. This free ebook is also a great place to start if you’re looking to turn amateur habits into professional ones.