Imperfect solution

Several years ago, I had the honor of working alongside Seth Godin. Besides being a brilliant thinker and marketing trendsetter, he’s an incredible teacher.

We organized a workshop for entrepreneurs and business owners. Participants traveled from around the world. Many were experiencing difficulties they were struggling to overcome, and they were looking to Seth for answers.

“Are you so in love with your problem you’re unwilling to try an imperfect solution?” he asked his audience. I watched a few people shift uncomfortably in their chairs. I myself thought of the projects I had outlined and all the reasons I had for not beginning any of them. I didn’t have the right resources, proper connections, mainstream PR or a headline act. I didn’t have anything I thought I needed — which turned out to be an illusion, after all. (I was looking for perfect.)

Seth’s question caught me in my tracks: Do I want this problem to beat me?

It’s possible to start TODAY, even if your current answer is far from ideal.

I chose to win.