Sweet and spicy

The most talented chefs have memorized which flavors keep diners coming back for more. These particular dishes aren’t ones that fall into strict “Spicy,” “Sour,” or “Sweet” categories. Instead, they combine elements of several flavor profiles and artfully merge them into one.

The best freelancers — and lovers — understand this balance, too.

Give a creative too much freedom without structure, and ideas will bounce wildly about the room. Set some boundaries, however, and that creative energy can be harnessed into productive results.

Similarly, too many restrictions placed on any partnership will end up in resentment and distance. Fire needs air to breathe. Your most passionate relationships will continue to burn if you give them the space to do so.

The best work and the most satisfying relationships evolve out of unique blends of hard and soft, sweet and spicy, routine and surprise. Find the combinations that work for you.