Give more, receive more

When we are stingy with our resources, or operate from a “scarcity mentality,” we block our own potential (and that of those around us). Giving to others creates an energy exchange that can propel you towards success and deeper layers of living.
The holiday season is a perfect time to test this generosity theory. Conduct an experiment and observe the ways in which you benefit by giving:

  • Find an organization that could benefit from your volunteer work
  • Buy coffee for the next person in line
  • Encourage an entrepreneur in a developing country
  • Clean out your closet and donate lightly worn clothes to a nearby shelter
  • Bake goodies and bring them to a neighbor
  • Support local farmers by giving the gift of a CSA box
  • Plug the parking meter of the car next to you
  • Invite a small group of friends to join you for dinner

Within your network, there are individuals who will benefit from meeting each other. We have tools and devices at our fingertips to connect and unite layers of talents. But there’s also the good-ol-fashioned telephone…
Generosity doesn’t need to be restricted to the holidays, but it’s a great time to start.