Top 5 posts (an anniversary special)

In March 2012, I began this blog as a way to encourage empathy, prompt curiosity of others, and push networking conversations into something more meaningful than the pass-out-business-cards-conferences and set up fifteen-minute-coffee-dates situations I kept finding myself in.

Since that time, my writings have brought many interesting people to me. I have been fortunate to share my thoughts and observations with many of you and host private networking dinners in New York. From communications to branding, entrepreneurial adventures and challenges, questions and musings, I am honored by the emails I receive in support of my work.

To celebrate this anniversary, I present my top 5 most popular posts:

5. No one has it figured out

4. What brings people together?

3. The path in front of you

2. 5 rules of hustling

1. 12 questions to turn small talk into real talk 

As always, thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.