Time management

I have no idea how we’re expected to do everything at once. Or why we feel we must. I only know that setting priorities and saying “no” is the only real chance at any success in this department.
The big decision is what to say “no” to and what earns a “yes.”
These kinds of decisions require some framework of what you want to do. I make lists. I also set aside time each day to center myself and think about nothing (writing, reading for fun, taking long walks). Maybe your thing is running or yoga. What the thing is isn’t as important as scheduled time away from computers, phones and demands on you and your capabilities.
Making time for YOU — your dreams, your passions, your creativity — is essential in order for you to figure out the rest. Time management doesn’t occur overnight and doesn’t happen naturally for most people. But with a little bit of effort, goals will unfold in front of you.
Go get it.