Skills for a lifetime

Learning House began in 2014 to encourage education and leadership. Thousands of young adults have participated in free career counseling and seminars, English language classes and test preparation courses. In 2016, eighteen students reached their dreams of pursuing work and/or higher education abroad (you can see more participation numbers from last year here); I anticipate these numbers will continue to grow.

In the four years I’ve lived and volunteered in Nepal, I’ve met many students who want to go abroad for higher education but struggle to pay tuition and living expenses. Knowing how to make coffee is a valuable skill that can help students pay for their studies. And with the rise of coffee shops in Nepal, students will have options to start saving up for college early on.

By purchasing an espresso machine and educating students on the history of coffee, types of coffee, and preparation of the most commonly ordered cafe drinks, we will empower students with employable skills. Not only will students learn latte design and the parts of an espresso machine, they will learn business and sales, basic elements of hospitality, and increase their confidence.

We have found a local retailer who will supply a Casadio DIECI machine and offer two years free service and one year guarantee, along with ten days training for two teachers. These teachers will then run classes for local students.

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