When was the last time you did one thing?

Read that again.

When was the last time you did one thing?

Not two, not six, not four.

Checking email, eating breakfast. Halfheartedly listening to your partner while making a list of grocery items. Calling your mom while watching CNN and scanning your iPad for Facebook updates.

We’re bombarded. We’re hungry for information and validation and surprise, and we are impatient.

One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and for your clients and for your family and for your relationships is to make the decision to commit to one action. Give each moment your all, and watch what happens.

Fight and focus and concentrate to be 100% there, fully tuned into the messages you’re receiving and what you’re sending to those around you. You don’t want to miss that big shot you’ve been waiting for just because you were too preoccupied to notice it.

The person you wanted to meet (and who wanted to meet you) might have been at the party, but you weren’t there to meet them.

Commit to the present today.