Questions to measure your personal brand

Whether or not you run a business, you own a media company — your own. With these four questions, be sure you’re building one worth investing in.

1. Are you unique?

If you can’t articulate what makes you different, there’s no reason for someone to choose you. Everyone brings different skill sets and perspectives to the table. Figure out what makes you you and learn how to talk about it in a flattering way.

2. How real are you?

Authenticity is your ability to align what you say and what you do. If you can’t be trusted, you’re going to have a difficult time gaining respect and making deals.

3. Are you relevant?

If your audience doesn’t need or want the messages you’re sending, it doesn’t matter how great they are.

4. Are you reliable?

The manner in which you present yourself should be consistent. If your emails are laced with emoticons, “Hey Brian!! Thanks for visiting my site!! You’re awesome.☺☺☺” and your website boasts luxury services, potential customers will shrink away with confusion and skepticism.

Go through your most important documents. Look at your resume, your LinkedIn, your tweets. Do they represent what you want people to believe about you?

If you’re the head of an organization, does your team know your mission? From the woman who stocks the shelves to the intern publishing blog posts, every team player should be able to recite what the company stands for. If they can’t, chances are high your customers can’t either.

Same goes for you. You need people in your corner who know who you are, what you stand for and support you along the way.

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