12 reasons to delegate

You want to do it all on your own. After all, your way is the best way. Explaining your process takes too much time, and it won’t be done exactly the right way. What’s the use?
Channeling responsibilities can lead to long-term payoffs. Delegate often so that you can:

  1. focus on the big picture
  2. trust
  3. create something sustainable, something that lasts after you’re gone
  4. realize that no one will do it quite like you (and that’s OK)
  5. empower others
  6. be more efficient
  7. learn to ask for help
  8. become a better leader
  9. communicate effectively
  10. build relationships
  11. share your vision
  12. gain flexibility

Prioritize that which absolutely-without-a-doubt demands your attention. Let go of the rest.