3 steps to writing anything important

Marketing collateral, an investor pitch, your Best Man’s speech, donor thank you notes, a love letter… writing is everywhere and often holds weight of daunting implications. The mere act of putting pen to page can result in temporary paralysis. To alleviate some of this stress, I’ve outlined basic steps to push your writing forward.

Think about WHO will be reading (or hearing) it.

You want your writing to be applicable. This is hard to do if you aren’t thinking about who’s on the receiving end.

Think about WHAT you’re trying to say.

What you want to say may look different than what actually ends up on the page. By making your intentions clear, you’ll throw an anchor into the oceanic waters of words and ground your writing as you begin.

WHY are you writing in the first place?

Why should I believe what you’re saying? Why do you care? Why should I? Give me facts and show me proof why you are who you say you are, why I should listen, why your message matters.

If you remember nothing else, take this with you: