14 ways to upgrade your environment

Your external world impacts your inner world.

When you’re surrounded by beautiful things, you show up in a more inspired way. Too often we fail to pay real attention to what is around us.

Get intentional about the world in which you live. To encourage you to begin, here are 14 ways to upgrade the environment around you:

  1. Do a bookshelf sweep. If your book collection doesn’t motivate you, revamp it.
  2. Switch up your playlist. Peppy jazz or fresh instrumentals can add unexpected spice to morning rituals.
  3. Place freshly cut flowers in your kitchen, entryways, and on top of your bedstand.
  4. Start your day listening to a podcast that encourages you to think about the world a little differently.
  5. What movies are you watching? Fill your mind with better stories.
  6. What magazines and newspapers arrive to your home? Are they uplifting?
  7. Colors. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Forget the latest trends and choose colors that make you happy.
  8. Upgrade. Invest in a new throw rug or blanket for the couch.
  9. Scents. Place an essential oil diffuser in your living areas and home office. Lemon, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary can boost mood and productivity.
  10. Who are you following online? Unfollow channels or feeds that aren’t adding positive sparks to your day.
  11. Hang art. Check out Minted and 20×200.
  12. Open a window. Invite light and fresh air into your space.
  13. Add green. Succulents and bamboo stalks are hardy plants that don’t require too much attention.
  14. What conversations are you having? Consider whether the topics you speak of are distracting or constructive.

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