Who is glamorous?

Glamour isn’t limited to the rich or famous. And it certainly isn’t restricted to fashion, the latest gadgets, jet-setters, or a particular brand of car.

In fact, glamour is essential to attracting what you want, both in business and in life. Infusing your life with glamour brings more serendipity, more passion, and a lot more fun.

What is glamour?

Glamour is mystery. It is grace. It is an energy that requires courage and an element of risk. Glamour demands that you see yourself — and the world around you — as limitless. That each day you walk out the door and wonder what might happen. That you look for opportunity, instead of focusing on lack.

Glamour is desire. And desire leads to stories, surprise, and magic. These things often accompany happiness. Happy people are magnets.

Can I become glamorous?

First you must decide the kind of life you want. And then you must take steps to make it happen.

  1. Weave excitement into your day. Set freshly cut flowers onto a windowsill, crack open a bottle of Chianti, handwrite a note of gratitude, spritz your briefcase or backpack or bag with an energizing scent…
  2. Add mystery. Share enough to intrigue and inspire others, but don’t give too much away. Save some for yourself.
  3. Prioritize details. Edit your life as necessary. Remove excess.
  4. Limit stress. Cultivate calm.
  5. Get intentional. Surround yourself with new ideas, art, creativity, and uplifting conversations.
  6. Be bold. Declare who you are, set your own trends, and let your unique appeal shine.
  7. Fall in love. Find something to fall in love with. Every day. People who are in love are captivating. People who love life inspire others to do the same.
  8. Celebrate. Find reasons to celebrate, no matter how “trivial” they might seem.

Life will be as magical or as dull as you allow it to be.

H/T Tonya Leigh