Think less, act more

There’s a fine line between analysis and paralysis.

It’s important to ask questions and consider facts. Too much dwelling and interpreting and hypothesizing and strategizing, however, can lead to stagnation. We can stop progress before we even begin.

Trust positive actions yield positive results. A certain element of heart must come into play, a powerful blend of intuition and courage that propels you forward.

I was scared beyond belief before launching this project. In fact, on a daily basis I confront insecurity, anxiety, doubt, panic. My younger Nepali brother reminder me, “Michelle, everyone is afraid before they start something.”

Your mind wants to journey down the rabbit hole of fear. Don’t let it.

Attendees at January’s dinner will be talking about starting projects and beating fear. Send a note if you’d like to join this month’s New York City event.

The greater the aim, the greater the risk.