4 questions for quality content (how to beat luck)

You don’t need Oprah to put your name on a list or the New York Times to cover your work. Even the team that secured $5 million in funding and celebrity endorsements can envy you. How? Content.

Content is what you say and how you say it. How you tell a story. How you connect with your audience. It could be a Facebook post, a photo on Instagram, a regular blog. If you have something original and a message that’s honest and clear, you will always have value.

Ask yourself:

  1. Can this be easily understood? Make sure your writing is free of unnecessary terms or phrases. Get to your point and make it. Use lists or bullets to help.
  2. Is it beautiful? Both visually and emotionally. Can your writing be easily read? Do photos enhance your topic? Is there an emotional component to what you’re presenting?
  3. Can this be easily shared? Is this something that can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet? Can readers scroll through the content or do they have to click to the next page? Would a stranger want to pass your story to their friends?
  4. Is it timely? Is the topic valuable and relevant to your audience? When are you sharing your work?

Anyone can make thoughtful, quality content. You don’t need a huge budget to make something that matters. Put in time and heart instead.