Alone: fuel for you

A client asked me for my top recommendation for those feeling lost and seeking direction. My answer is simple: be alone. Being alone is one of the best steps you can take to improve yourself, your relationships, even your business. Making time to be by yourself can give you new energy to bring to your work and your loved ones, and the revelations that come in quiet moments often have huge implications. Space alone can be the fuel you need to tackle projects with zest and be the best partner you can be.
But it can be tricky to carve out time for yourself, especially with family and work obligations. Be gentle and honest when you ask for this space. You don’t need to go into details with your boss; a simple “I need to take tomorrow morning for myself” is fine.
Please don’t confuse “loneliness” with “time alone.” Moments by yourself on a walk, in the car, at the library can bring to you answers to questions you might not find when surrounded by others. Some people crave alone time more than others and enjoy independence; others need less of it. Remove judgement and revel in the time you’ve carved out for yourself, and if you can, take away any expectations for what the time should bring. Often, answers come when you least expect it.