5 ways to add magic to your life

1. Say yes.

To people, to adventures, to new experiences, to uncomfortable situations. Saying yes will help you unravel all that life has to offer. Remove “what ifs” from your imagination and stay open.

2. Love fully.

Love yourself whole-heartedly, love others willingly, love the circumstances life brings you. Loving keeps you humble, generous, and able to receive.

3. Search for something new.

Go to new places, eat different foods, listen to a variety of music and lectures and plays. Keep your mind broad and your interests vast.

4. Be grateful.

No matter the circumstance — positive, negative, lucky, misfortunate — pinpoint something to be thankful for and look for the lessons life wants to teach you.

5. Cultivate relationships.

Nurture bonds with your dearest ones. Take time to mentor others and listen to mentors of your own. Identify role models and borrow some of their lifestyle habits.

Life is meant to be unpacked, day by day and year by year. Each decade will carry new teachers and gifts to you, if you are ready to observe, listen, and fully participate.

Find magic today.